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Processing Plant 

Our processing plant was built using the latest technologies –
in mid-year 2006 on a 25 acre campus. This campus includes
workshops, labs for internal product testing, offices for our
administrative staff, cold storage facilities, dormitory and
housing units, and an employee cafeteria.

Today, the balance of the land is being used to grow organic
produce to help feed the staff members throughout the campus.
The Chang International processing facility is located in Jimo City,
Qingdao, which is the largest hub for seafood processing in China.

We pride ourselves with the equipment used in our processing;
the latest technologies, the most reliable machinery helps us to
maintain the high standard of excellence that we have established
and remain committed to. The facility has been impeccably
maintained and upgraded since our inaugural days in 2006.

Our plant has an exceptionally well developed/highly experienced
management team, many of them highly credentialed/educated at
China's top Universities and Educational Institutions. Our plant
is certified by various international Food Safety or Sustainability
Organizations, including BRC, MSC, ISO 9001, and HACCP.
Our dorm rooms provide temporary housing for many of our
workers. Clean ergonomic designer interior spaces help
create a sense of family among our employees.


Our warehouse has about 50,000 square feet
of cold storage space, with a maximum holding
capacity  of 10,000 metric tons.

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Freezer trucks (above) are loaded with flash-frozen products and shipped
quickly anywhere in the USA to ensure the highest quality product.

Flash-freezing conveyor tables (left) lock-in freshness and ensure quality.

Our plant has total about 35,000
square feet of workshop space.
Our plant throughput capacity,
is approximately 10,000 m/t of
finished and ready to bring to
market products - annually.
fish freezer
cooking catfish
We are continually updating and adding to our facilities to improve product quality and to
keep up with the demands of a prolific and ever-changing industry.

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Our workers
Today, our plant maintains a staff in excess of 350
persons; Many of our workers come from rural China;
We take great pride in the skill level that each of them
have developed, and call on the many veterans employed
in our workshops to lead and role model what ideal
conscientious and caring employees, with very high
productivity look like.
At Chang International, we like to believe and market that we are
"philosophically adaptable and flexible". We believe that if we
accommodate our customer needs, and show efficiencies in
producing at highly competitive levels, then we form strong
"win-win" partnership. Relationships thrive when we meet/
exceed each other's expectations – so our primary goal is
to work with customers who expect "large scale processing"
with "minimal cost" – and understand we must all win. To
this end, we try hard to not limit our customers thinking
on what can, and cannot be done; Bring it on! Species –
those we process, have been proc-essed into so
many ways, literally hundreds of SKU's have been
justified. Wild everything; but focused on Salmon,
Cod, Pollock, Haddock, and Halibut – at our core.
Blocks, portions, fillets, bias-cuts, pre-cuts, steaks,
natural and band-saw cuts, (& more) we remain
flexible in serving your needs.

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