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Chang International Inc.  |  North America  |  Phone: 206.283.9098  |
Ocean Gala Marine Resources Co., Ltd.  |  China  |  Phone: 86.532.8253.9999  |
Our brands consist of three distinct product categories,
each one designed to satisfy the needs of a particular
type of customer. Only the highest quality seafoods are

used in any of our products. We control the process from
start ot finish to ensure that quality control is unquestionable.
We are proud to offer the three following product brand,


Value added, ready
to heat and serve
seafood dishes.
ocean gala seafoods

Ocean Gala
Hand picked first-rate
selection of seafood.

Chang International
Minimally processed
exceptional quality.
Our Brands 

Sealectables Our latest brand - developed primarily for the
North American market; By the virtue of the name Sealectables,
we hope "select" brings to mind a "hand-picked, first rate"
expectation and most importantly, experience. On the back side,
we have our hands active on "selecting" nothing but the highest

Ocean Gala Ocean Gala; Our original "put us on the map"
brand;  When the best of the Ocean Seafood offerings parlays
with processing know how it's a party worth celebrating.
Hence, Ocean Gala thrives. This brand is used extensively
for our overseas markets, but may be found in
North America as well.

What you should know, is that this branding is
primarily for more commodity based seafood
offerings with some, but not excessive knife-
work, but offers the same high brand standard
as any product that we bring to market.

Chang International, Inc. – Chang International, Inc. is used
for commodities with minimal processing; headed and gutted
raw materials; minimally processed fletches, steaks & fillets. 

quality raw materials for processing. Additionally, "delectable"
is beckoned; we deliver on what consumers want most
a "delectable", scrumptious, mouthwatering experience.
When you understand this brand, you are assured of
minimally, these two virtues.

Like all other brands we bring to market, this brand quality is
second to none (but requires end-users do a bit more labor,
to bring this fish to a "plate ready" status).

ocean glaa seafoods
ocean glaa seafoods

In North America, we are located at:

Chang International, Inc.
3010 77th Ave SE,
Mercer Island, Washington, USA  98040

Telephone: (206) 283-9098
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Communications / Contact information
In China, we are located att:

Ocean Gala Marine Resources Co., Ltd.
No. 26 Tianshan 3rd Road,
Daxin Town, Jimo, Qingdao,
Shandong, China, 266229

Telephone: (from US 011) 86 532 8253 9999

Point of Sale
Chang International offers an impressive array of premium
quality point of sale products to satisfy the consumer plus
marketing support materials & information.
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Chang International is affiliated with the following organizations:
At Chang International,
we are continulally at
work to develop new
products as well as
enhancements to our
existing product lines
to better satisfy our
customer's demand.

Click through the
gallery images at right
to see some of our
latest product

New Products
At Chang International, we believe that it is vitally
important to promote our products at trade shows.
We participate in distributor and wholesale shows and
events, retail shows, and US based trade missions;
We understand the benefit of connecting our products
to the mass markets we serve; IBSS (International
Boston Seafood Show, USA), and SIAL, Asia (since
1964!) showcasing our internationally recognized
Seafood products, Seafood Expo Global (Brussels,
Belgium), China Fisheries and Seafood Expo
(Qingdao and Dalian, China) are just a trickle of
the many shows that we participate in.

Trade Missions are a great fit for showcasing the
many products that are sourced from the USA – so
we don't shy away from the opportunity to exhibit the
many items that we produce or have access to, at
US based (overseas) Trade Missions.

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Trade Shows
Our procurement and sales reach have both
increased dramatically and are continually
expanding. Mouse-over (or click) the colored
text blocks below for more information.

Global Reach
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