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Alaskan Pollock

Pollock is a mild flavored fish with a slightly coarse texture.
Though moderate, it has a bit higher oil content so is often
more flavorful than other white fish such as cod or haddock. Pollock fillets are creamy to tan in color. When cooked, the
meat is white, firm, and flaky. Pollock is commonly used
in surimi (imitation crab). Alaska pollock are found through-
out the North Pacific Ocean but are most common in the
Bering Sea.

Alaska pollock grow fast and have a short life of about 12
or so years. As a result, they are generally more productive
compared to slower-growing, longer-living species
thus their abundance.

In the U.S., pollock are harvested by trawlers. These vessels
tow a large cone- shaped net through the mid-water to harvest
schools of pollock. Some vessels are "catcher-processors"
and process their catch at sea; others are just "catchers" and
deliver their catch to shore-based processors or mother-ships
(at-sea processors which rely on catcher vessels for their fish).

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Cooking Suggestions
Pollock takes well to the preparation methods of steaming,
baking, frying, and a personal favorite preparation method of
coating in potato flour and pan frying in oilve oil/butter mix
with just a hint of sea salt and freshly ground
black peppercorns.

Pollock flesh accepts a wide range of sauces due
to its mild flavor.
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Nutritional Information Alaskan Pollock:
  • Serving Size (125 g) Per Serving % Daily Value*
  • Calories 70
  • Calories from Fat 3
  • Total Fat 0.3g 0%
  • Saturated Fat 0.1g 1%
  • Cholesterol 35mg 12%
  • Sodium 370mg 15%
  • Protein 16.0g
  • Calcium Ca 20mg
  • Energy 70 kcal
  • Total lipid (fat) 0.3g
  • Iron, Fe 0.36 mg
  • Iron .36mg 2%
  • Carbohydrates 0.0g 0%

Nutritional Information