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Ocean Gala Marine Resources Co., Ltd.  |  China  |  Phone: 86.532.8253.9999  |
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Our promise of quality...
Stewardship of our precious natural resources, respect
for the sea, the earth and the fishing families that have
reliably harvested the world's finest seafood products are
at the heart of our operation. We employ only the most
environmentally sensitive and humane harvest methods.
We are 100% committed to sustainable fisheries and
to the long-term health of the world's oceans.
Our intimate knowledge of the sea and our promise to
bring to our customers  the best quality seafood products
available anywhere is our life's work.  From the finest
Alaskan Halibut to the highest quality Atlantic Cod,
you can rest assured that Chang International will
provide only the freshest and healthiest seafood
products that the world's oceans have to offer.